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In the Dropbox folder there will be different file types. They are as below


Mp3 Files - These are not for release and are just for reference or personal use. Please do not release or distribute these files.


16 44.1 Wav Files - These are the CD Quality files


If you are getting a CD made (and are not getting a DDP Image made by me) these are the files you would use.


24 44.1 Wav files -These are the files that will be sent out to your different forms of digital distribution (DRM, Distrokid etc).

If any aggregators or distributors will not accept files of this quality - send them the 16 bit files instead 


24 48k Wav Files

These are the files that will be sent out to use for any videos or visual content - Music videos, Sync deals etc

32 48k Wav Files
These are the highest quality files

These are the files that would be sent off for Vinyl pressing.


Please Let me know if you are getting vinyl pressed in advance as:

A. I will probably be keen on getting one

B. I can do checks to make sure the tracks are prepared for the format correctly - Most of the time the same masters are fine to submit for vinyl pressing, but in some cases there may be small tweaks that need to be made to make sure your tracks translate well to vinyl.

C. I might want to make recommendations on the cutting engineer you use to make sure the vinyl is as good as it can be and avoid issues in the cutting process


Again, please remember to download and back up your files.

The files will stay in the dropbox for around 6 months if you need to re access them - but please only use this if absolutely needed.

After 6 months they get moved to longtime online storage and there could be costs involved with retrieving old masters from long time storage.

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