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Please deliver files as below


File type/Quality

24 bit 44.1 WAV files or higher.

48 Preferred So I can provide 48K masters for use with video content

If you only have 16 bit files this will be okay, but not preferred.


I will not accept any lossy or compressed/encoded file types.



The tracks should not be limited and there should be no clipping above 0dBfs TP present.

I prefer tracks to be peaking between -6 and -3dBfs with a good amount of dynamic range.

Master Bus processing is fine, but don’t be too heavy handed on your compression.


If you have been sending your clients limited versions, or have been listening to your mixes limited, It would be good if I could also get a copy of this/these files so I know what you have been listening too.


Ideally I would like to receive the mixes at least a couple of days before the booked mastering date.
Then mixes can be checked over in advance and if mix recalls are needed or there are issues we can get it fixed before the booked mastering date.

Alternative versions 

Let me know if you need any alternative versions mastered.
Ie. Clean/Radio Versions, Instrumentals, Mix with backing vocals for live

I highly recommend considering getting alternative versions done like instrumentals. These can be handy for sync deals and content creation etc. 


Please supply any alternative versions with the original mix.
Otherwise extra costs may be incurred for analog recalls at a later date


If more than a single is being submitted tracks should be delivered named and numbered in the order they will be on the release.

The ordering of the tracks can make quite a different in how I master and is needed for doing the trims on the tracks so your release flows well as a whole


Please fill out the suppled form for this. (I will send this on booking)



If possible please notify me of the formats the release will be ending up on - Ie, Vinyl, digital, CD


If a DDP image is needed for CD reproduction let me know and I will supply a spreadsheet to fill out with all appropriate information.

If a vinyl bounce is required with a Side A/B Bounce and PQ Codes, please let me know and I will supply a spreadsheet to fill out for this
For vinyl I also may want to request that we use a cutting engineer that I trust to make sure we can get the best quality cut.
and I will always want to check a bounce of the test cut before release.


ISRC Codes

If you have ISRC codes and need them added to your DDP, or need them added directly to your tracks please let me know and fill them out on the spreadsheet provided.

I add them directly to your tracks free of charge.


You need to generate and provide me with your ISRC codes - I can not produce them myself

For more information on ISRC codes and how to apply for them go here:



Reference Tracks

If there are any tracks you have been using for sonic references throughout the Production and mixing process 


If there is any music out that you really like the sound of similar to yours that you are aiming for


Send me a copy of these (2 or three tracks is usually good) or send me the links to them so I can check them out

Thank You

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