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Primal Mastering

Luke Finlay

Quality Analog/Hybrid Mastering at a competitive price


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Personalised Mastering

Tailored Mastering

Mastering made to bring out the life and depth in your mixes and making sure they are the best they can be for release.
No presets here.

Format ready

Making sure your master translates well to all the formats your music will end up on.
From streaming and vinyl specific masters to DDP images for CD reproduction

Personal Touch

Get all the benefits of dealing with a real mastering engineer who cares about your music.
Great mastering Starts before the mastering stage.

Making sure deliverables are as good as they can be before the mastering stage. From discussions with engineers, mix feedback, error checking. Through to talking about how you want your music to sound and understanding what you want from your project.

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Work Examples

To the left is a small section of some of the releases that I have mastered and below there are some playlists of tracks I have worked on.
This is a very small selection of the amount and scope of tracks Luke has mastered.
Luke has worked hundreds of releases across many genres


A Bit of Everything



Contact me for inquiries/booking for either of these services

High Quality Analog/Hybrid Mastering
Luke runs an analog mastering chain through high quality Lynx converters. With high quality professional analog gear by industry leading brands such as API and Buzz and also gear custom built to suit Lukes Mastering needs.

Fast turn arounds and competitive pricing

Mastering available for Digital distribution, CDs as well as boutique formats like vinyl and Cassette

Remastering and restoration services also available.


Mix Critique

A service for those who do not have the full budget for mastering but want to improve their mixes with some of the personal benefits from dealing with a mastering engineer.
Book and send me your tracks and I will send you detailed mix feedback and tips to help improve your mixes.

If After this you do decide to get mastering done by me I will subtract this cost off the price of your next master

NOTE : This service is also included in mastering when needed - you do not also need to pay for this if you are getting mastering done by me.


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New in 2022 

Check out my new blog to keep up to date with some tip and tricks and information on what I have been up too

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